Thursday, December 10, 2009

Matchy Matchy

One of my very favorite things about having 2 girls is that I can put them in matching outfits! I'm sure they'll hate it when they get older, but for now? Oh, my, it is so adorable (in my very humble opinion ;))

Sometimes I even end up with matching outfits without realizing it! In this one, Charlotte is wearing a dress that my dad bought for Maya when she was a baby, and Maya is wearing a dress that my mom bought her last month. Adorable!

Of course they both have to have matching Ohio State cheerleader outfits, right?

We went to an OSU v. Michigan hockey game with "Aunt" Shelley and Matt this past weekend ~ Maya had a great time playing with the (free) pom pom, yelling "go go go!" and "O-H!", and watching the zamboni. Both girls did amazingly well, considering the game didn't start until 8pm. They were both asleep in the car before we hit the highway :)

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