Monday, November 8, 2010

Charlotte Mae

Through some unforeseen circumstances involving Maya (read: trouble listening to Mommy and general sleepiness), Charlotte and I got to spend some quality time together this afternoon while Maya rested.  By the time Maya was ready to join in the fun, my camera battery had died!  So today you get pictures of Charlotte!

Ok, ok.  This isn't Charlotte.  It's chalk.  But it's what we played with, so it counts.

And this is a smiley-face.  Obviously.

Charlotte is quite obsessed with her belly lately, and kept trying to draw on it with chalk!

Come on, Charlotte, you can do it!

Put a little power to it!

Goooooo Charlotte!


Michael Haren said...

Our serious serious! I heard lots of giggling and talking while you guys were out there...she just locks up in front of the camera, , I think.

Anonymous said...

Some seriously adorable pics! I love the ones when she's picking up the pumpkin:)(the commentary is cute too)

Math Zombie said...

I can not wait to see the girls.