Monday, May 3, 2010


My littles are getting too big!

Charlotte turned 10 months old yesterday (as in, there are only TWO months left until she turns 1 ~ eek!); she can sign "milk", "more", and "all done"; she can wave and clap and say "bye bye"; she is quite adept at climbing; and she has even taken a few steps. I can't figure out where the time has gone!

Maya is also growing by leaps and bounds. For all the frustration and difficulties we have (what with both being very strong-willed :D), she is such an amazing person. I say this about every age as it comes and goes, but I think that 2&1/2 is my favorite age so far. She is so full of life and energy and excitement about everything. The girl is pretty smart, too (not that I'm biased! :)). She is starting to pretend, which is just such an awesome development ~ it's something that I thought I would have to teach her to do, but like everything else, she just started doing it on her own. The 2 year old brain is so interesting :)

So anyway, all of that stuff is cool and fun, but ya'll ~ Maya learned to ride a tricycle this weekend! It was so cool to see her persevere and figure it out. She was so proud of herself (and as you can see in the video, Michael and I were pretty stinkin proud, too!).

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