Sunday, May 23, 2010

Weekend ~ Picture Heavy!

We had a busy weekend (ok, last weekend...apparently we've been busy since then, too!).

Lots and lots of pics, so here is the summary:

Uncle Chris's house for a dinner party ~ good food and good times visiting with family :D

Reminiscing about running with "Aunt" Shelley (Shelley ~ look! It's our tree!!!)

The park for a jumping-off-the-swing contest (Chris won)

Grandpa's (Larry's) house for shenanigans

Zoo with Uncle Chris

Side note ~ This little owl is super sweet, and we were all googly over his adorableness. He is full grown and very calm. Then the zookeeper told us that he is a great animal to show kids and to use for educational purposes, because he is so calm. Because he got hit by a car. And is brain damaged. Poor owl :(

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