Friday, April 15, 2011

Remodeling, Uncle Patrick, and SPRING!!!

Because adding a third child to our family in August isn't enough, Michael and I (crazy as ever) are planning on moving into a new-to-us house ~ ack! ~ in a little over 3 weeks.  We are impossibly excited at the idea of more space (inside and out) for the girlies to run around, a really nice neighborhood for walking and bike riding, the super cool playground that is almost visible from the house, the elementary school within walking distance, and a million other little details that would bore everyone here but that Michael and I keep discussing as if our new house is a magical place full of wonder.  Maya is excited because she and Charlotte will have their very own room that is PURPLE and their very own bathroom (to share with anyone else at our house ;)) that is PINK.  Charlotte has no idea what is going on, but has loved opening and closing all the doors and cupboards throughout the house and running circles around the living room, dining room and kitchen.  The new house is only about a 5 minute drive from where we live currently, which is nice as the actual moving process will be less stressful than if we had to move everything in one trip.

I keep reminding myself that when we moved into the house we are in now, I was much more pregnant (with Maya) than I will be this time.  But then I also remember that this time I have 2 toddlers to take care of in the midst of it all :)  Like I said ~ crazy.  But, since we aren't masochists, our current house will not go on the market until our tasmanian devils children are firmly planted in our new place.  We've been spending the last few weeks doing all of the projects that have been on our "to do" list for the past 3 years ~ our house is starting to look great!  If you know someone who is looking for a 3 bedroom with a park practically in the back yard in NE Ohio, point 'em our way!

The nice weather has been so great, and we've been taking full advantage of the sun and (relative) warmth to wear out the kids and clean up our yard!  Last weekend, Uncle Patrick came to visit which was super fun.  He watched the girlies for us so that Michael and I could go on a double date with Sierra and Walter and we were out so late that we almost got kicked out of Starbuck's ~ 10pm, I know we're so exciting ;)

This weekend we are going to Michael's mom's house to celebrate Easter, and Maya is really excited to "plant eggs in the yard and then go pick them" :)

Now, pictures...

Hard at work finishing the baseboards!


Her curls are really starting to come out with the higher humidity!  Also, if you can't tell from the scratches on her face, she is quite the adventurous one!


The tulips are trying their darndest to bloom!


Our attempt to teach Charlotte where the "you must hold hands with Mommy or Daddy" zone begins.  Maya gets very stressed out if the cones blow around with the wind :)


She *insisted* on the mittens.  Now every time we get ready to go outside, she says, "I not wear glubs this time".

Maya "helping"


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picturingtheordinary said...

I love how Charlotte wants to wear "glubs" and that Michael looks really focused on the LEAF he is raking--lol!

I'm so excited about your new house and I can't wait to help you move!!!!! Walter can't wait to help you move either but he especially can't wait to give you our moving boxes! :)