Saturday, June 25, 2011

Caitlin and Matt's Wedding (Part 1)

My stepsister got married this weekend, and the girlies were in the wedding.  The weather was beautiful, the location was beautiful, and the bride was *extra* beautiful!  We asked Maya before bed tonight waht her favorite part of the weekend was, and she said, "Um, Aunt Cait's dress was my favorite thing." :)

We explained on Friday (before we got to the rehearsal) that Maya and Charlotte would have a special role and that they would of course be beautiful, but that their job was to spread out the petals for Cait to walk on, because the wedding day is ALL about the bride (ok, maybe a teensy bit about the groom ;)).  I think Maya *sortof* understood, as this was her prayer that night:

"Dear God, thank you for us going to Aunt Cait's wedding.  And thank you that everyone picks flowers and gives them to Aunt Cait because they are so beautiful.  And bees make honey from flowers.  Amen." 

We took so many pictures this weekend that my computer literally would not upload them in one fell swoop!  Needless to say, going through them and picking the best of the best is going to be quite the process :D  But, here is a very small preview of what's to come!


picturingtheordinary said...

You got Maya to look at the camera AND smile!!! That's the best!

Brandi (aka maid of honor) said...

Sarah, it was great to meet you! And your kids are so precious! The pictures turned out great! Can't wait to see the rest!