Friday, December 9, 2011

Mornings with a 4-year-old

My kids sleep in.  It's ok to hate me a little bit for this ~ I would, too!  They will happily sleep past 9 almost every day, and some days even later.  Of course this does mean that they don't go to bed until fairly late, but as a former-morning-person-turned-night-owl I am ok with this arrangement :)  The problem comes when we have to get up to go somewhere in the morning, and I have to drag not only my own sleepy self out of bed, but also wake up 2 grumpy girls and encourage them to get dressed, brush teeth and hair, eat breakfast, etc.  Maya will usually say something like, "but I didn't sleep very long at all!" or "I'm just going to rest my eyes a little bit longer" or something similar that I imagine I'll be hearing again when she's a teenager :)  However, her independent streak shows at the meer mention of me picking out her clothes (she once told me that I'm not allowed to pick out her clothes anymore because she knows she won't like ANYthing that I pick).  This morning was no exception.  I woke her up for our LLL meeting, she said she would sleep a little bit more, I said, "ok, do you want me to pick out something for you to wear?" and she shot out of bed like I had just told her Rapunzel AND Cinderella were waiting for her downstairs.  After ensuring that I wasn't picking out something "gross" for her to wear, she climbed back into bed, looked at me, and said,

"Mommy, do you know what my favorite animal is?"
"No, what?"
"A penguin."
"Ya, they spend some of their time in the water and some of their time in the snow."

Disjointed much?  Are you wondering how we went from "I want to pick out my own clothes" to "I like penguins" with no transition?  Confused how the two are related?  Welcome to my world.

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