Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Soccer, Life

Intentionally forgetting how much Maya disliked (read: complained constantly about) soccer last year, Michael and I signed her up again this spring.  We switched leagues, and one of her long-time friends is on her team, and I think the combination of those two factors is making this season excellent.  She counts down the days until her next practice or game, she runs the whole time, she laughs, she kicks the coach (don't worry, they play a game called "kick the coach" :)), and she generally has a fantastic time. I credit my friend Beth, who recommended this particular team/coach, with Maya's sudden love of the game :)  Our poor, poor children are not getting any help from genetics when it comes to athletic ability, so having excellent, fun coaches is pretty crucial :)

Charlotte is just about done with her first year of preschool!  She has changed so much since she started at this school, and I am so thankful for her amazing teachers.  They work with her to bring her out of her shell, which, let me tell ya, is not an easy task!  A couple of weeks ago she actually spoke to a cashier at Target unprompted. That might not sound like a big deal, but it was huge for her.  My brave little girlie :D

Milo is still a pretty awesome little man.  He is entering full-on toddlerhood which has been entertaining 90% of the time.  That other 10% is when he is having a loud, flailing, screaming meltdown in public.  Still very slightly entertaining for us, not so much for the others around us.  I've gotten more than one "look" from an older lady who clearly does not remember the joy of raising a toddler boy (and I'm being completely serious here ~ he is a joy through and through :))

Just a few pictures tonight.  My computer is freezing up so editing is next to impossible :P

Milo is really into cleaning ~ vacuums, mops, brooms.  Apparently he even likes to clean outside.

We went on a picnic after ballet last week.  I promise they were excited!

My brave little man tackled the large twisty slide again and again and again.

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picturingtheordinary said...

I'm so glad Maya is enjoying soccer! Milo is certainly brave, I think I'm even afraid of the twisty slide. :)