Tuesday, July 2, 2013


(written last night)
Dear Charlotte,

On the eve of your fourth birthday, I am sitting on the couch next to Daddy, holding your sleeping baby brother, and going back through pictures and video of you from this past year.  Oh how much you have changed and grown!  You are so funny and sweet and are the spunkiest and most determined 3-almost-4-year-old I know.  You have taught me that 2 sisters who are less than 2 years apart can be complete opposites and yet love each other more than I could have hoped.  You love your brother fiercely and seeing you play with him and teach him brings me such joy.  Being a middle child isn't easy, yet you take on the not-the-oldest-not-the-youngest spot like a champ.

This year you:

had your first haircut
completed your first year of preschool and made friends apart from your sister
decided your favorite color is blue and your favorite food is swiss cheese
developed your own style and wore your (many, many) layers with confidence
started riding a regular bike (with training wheels)
planted a pumpkin in the garden and tended to it every day
learned to write your name
prayed a prayer at VBC to give your heart to Jesus
spent several nights at Grandma and Grandpa's house with your sister but without Daddy or me
took your first gymnastics class
took your very first ballet class and immediately asked when you would get to dance in "your" recital
colored pictures and played dress-up and pretend and built legos and played outside and just generally lived it up as a 3 year old should

You are my sweet girl who surprises me and makes me laugh every day.  I am so thankful that I get to be your mama.  Happy Birthday!


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