Sunday, July 7, 2013

More Four!

My computer has been running slower and slower over the last several months, and got so bad a couple of weeks ago that just running Aperture (my photo editor) caused the whole thing to freeze up.  Needless to say blogging has fallen by the wayside, but Michael, in his awesomeness, has fixed it for me (yay!) so I will hopefully be back to regular blogging soon :)  I have a rather large backlog of pictures so the next few posts will be heavy on the photos!

First up, Charlotte's birthday dinner!  We had a few friends from our Bible Study over for a cookout on Charlotte's birthday.  The kiddos had fun and Charlotte felt extra special.  Her gifts from Michael and I were a Lego camera and a weighted blanket that I made for her.  I was worried she would be disappointed because we never asked what she wanted, but she loves both of them!  If you've seen her in the last couple of days, you have probably seen and/or heard about her new blanket and new camera :)

Because she's such an awesome friend, Sierra took photos for us :)

"Happy Birthday to you..."

Chocolate cake with "vanilla" (whipped cream) frosting.  Charlotte has been planning the cake part of her birthday for *months*


eating a chocolate chip from her cake

Milo with his buddy Kieran

New blanket!


Trying it out

You can't really tell in this picture, but Isaac was CRAZY excited about the Lego camera.  

The Schaub tongue
This isn't from the party, but Sierra did get an awesome shot of the curlicues on Charlotte's pumpkin :)

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