Friday, August 16, 2013


Way (way, way) back in May, Maya and Isabella had their ballet recital.  Sierra, good mom that she is, blogged about it shortly after (here).  These girls are growing up way too fast.  It is so fun to see them working so hard on their performance, but even more fun is watching them have their own little (apparently very funny and serious) conversations.  They were obviously amazing little ballerinas and I was so proud of how they got up on the stage and did their thing with no fear.  I think I was more nervous for Maya than she was for herself!  I love going to performances and seeing the progression from the adorable preschool ballerinas all the way up the the girls that are graduating and going on to dance in college.  Maya (and Charlotte!!!) starts ballet in a couple weeks and I am excited to continue watching :)

make-up before the performance

Not sure what they were talking about, but I LOVE it!

showing off their moves

Maya was clearly thrilled to get her picture taken with me

I love this ~ I told the girls to press their cheeks together.  I suppose they did what I asked!

Charlotte wore her leotard to their performance.  Next year, sweet girl!

One of the only pictures of Sierra and I ~ we're usually the ones behind the camera!

Here is the video of the performance!  Maya is on the far left, Isabella on the far right.  I'm sure them being separated has nothing to do with them goofing off in class ;)

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