Tuesday, November 16, 2010

New Year's Resolutions ~ Update

I just read through my New Year's Resolutions and laughed out loud :)  Here is a summary of my progress:

1. Declutter and keep it that way
Well, this one isn't *so* bad.  I've given away or sold lots of stuff, tried to be less attached to things (so that I can get rid of things that are no longer functional), taken pictures of things and then thrown them in the recycle bin (mainly kid art work).  But, my house is a long long way from being "decluttered".

2. Not look so frumpy all the time
This is the one that made me laugh the hardest.  I have dreadlocks now.  So, ya know.  And in case you were curious (as my older sister apparently was when she asked), I do still shave my armpits and wear deodorant.  It's homemade deodorant, but whatever prevents the stink works for me!
Also, Charlotte got into my makeup tonight and got mascara all over her hands and face.  I relayed the story to Sierra, and her response was, "I didn't know you owned mascara!" :)  

3. Take better care of the house
The kids are still alive, ok?  I'm working on it.  Sheesh.

4. Read through the Bible in a year
Hmmm...maybe I'll do a "read through the bible in a month" thing so I can finish this one...cause I'm pretty sure I didn't make it out of Exodus.

5. Play with my kids more
Well, this one is debatable.  *I* think I do, but Maya might disagree since I don't play with her 24/7 :P  We have had lots more pajama parties, and she has learned several new games this year.  We also go to the park a lot.  Having 2 kids is starting to work out in that they play with each other (awesome!).

So my resolutions have gone the way of the dinosaurs, it seems :P  But ya know, I'm ok with it.  My kids are (mostly!) happy, my house is in acceptable shape, I feed all 4 of us at least 3 (usually healthy) meals a day, and I know that some day I will have more time and more energy to complete items 1-4.  Maybe not 2, though, cause I kinda like the dreads.  5 I'm gonna keep working on.

Unrelated picture of the day (from the Cleveland Air Show a couple of months back):

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picturingtheordinary said...

Oh man, it's funny to look back! I think you're doing a great job...you can add 'Be an AMAZING friend to Sierra' to your list and check that one off! Okay, that was really cheesy, but whatever!

Cool picture too!