Monday, January 27, 2014

Wow, that's a lot of Christmas pictures!

No text necessary, right? :)

Santa seems to think that *someone* is ready to use the big boy potty ;)

Charlotte got Milo a shark (or whale?) from Secret Santa.

Maya made matching princess crowns for Charlotte and I

She spent weeks (months?) making Christmas gifts for all of us.  They were all adorable.

She even made her own wrapping paper!

I was in a knitting exchange with 11 others and we each knit 12 of the same square, then exchanged at a fun party.  I attached them to make this awesome farm playmat for Milo!

Christmas morning breakfast tradition!

Maya's food restrictions made this year a bit more challenging, but she could not have possibly been happier than she was!  Gluten-free hamburger bun, toasted, add cinnamon/sugar, top with glaze made from powdered sugar and almond milk.  She was *stunned* at the amazingness.

Milo insisted on putting this shirt on immediately.  This was approximately 3:17pm

3:18pm :)

This toy has been quite the hit with Charlotte *and* Milo.  He often asks me, "can I check you?"

Way too big.

They opened tons of new toys, but the big hit for Milo and Eneko was the princess castle that Penny has had for well over a year :)  

She is quite the Rainbow-Loomer

Her first product (sorry for the terrible picture)

A password-protected journal.  "I've always been wanting one of these and now I have it!"

Kayla's new hamster, Carls (named by Maya).

Milo was enthralled.

We have another lego-lover on our hands.  I love how into building he gets!

That girl...

Goldie Blox (super fun!)

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Michellelouise said...

Such beautiful pictures! Love the princess crowns...and the toothbrush! Kids, when you get older, such gifts are way exciting... You must be a great knitter. That farm mat is beautiful!