Sunday, January 3, 2010

More fun than a Barrel o' Monkeys

Maya got a Barrel of Monkeys for Christmas, and it is easily one of her very favorite things. She spent quite a bit of time on Christmas day passing out, collecting, hiding, finding, dumping, and cleaning up her monkeys. She continues to do the same ~ at least a couple of times each day she will come into the room with a handful of them and ask if I would like a monkey.

If I say no, she asks again and again and again until I relent, tell her that I would LOVE to have a monkey, she starts to hand it to me, and then takes it back and says that I infact do NOT want a monkey and puts it back in the barrel. If I tell her that I want one from the get-go, the same thing happens. She doesn't quite get the point of the game, but she loves it nonetheless.

Charlotte just likes to chew on the lid :)

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