Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Our Little Artist ~ Part 2

(Credit goes to Sierra Hampl for the photos ~ thanks, Sierra!)

Isabella, Maya's best friend in the whole world, came over today and they painted on Maya's 2-sided easel. It's too funny to watch them paint ~ Isabella is *very* neat. Her colors don't mix on her paint tray, she is very precise about where the paint goes on the page, and paint never gets on her clothes or hands.
See how her colors aren't mixed? And how neat the drawing is? She's even holding her brush correctly! Sierra jokes that she will grow up to be a surgeon, or something that requires an equal amount of precision :)

Maya is the total opposite. The first time they painted together, we had to leave one of her paintings at Isabella's house because there was so much paint on it that it would not dry. Like, ever. All the paint colors get mixed, and there is no rhyme or reason about where her brush goes. I like to think she just gets inspired ;)

Check out her paint palate in this one:

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