Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Maya's friend Carter came over to play yesterday and today, and boy did we have fun! He hung out with us during playgroup, went to church story time, played out in the almost-melted snow, and went to the library. In between there was eating and napping (at least by Carter ~ my two thought they were too cool to nap!). Lots of chasing dogs (his and ours), chasing each other, playing with Charlotte, and generally being goofy and 2 years old. And I gotta say, I am wiped! He has SO MUCH ENERGY! The kid doesn't stop ~ almost all of the pictures I have of him are blurry (and my camera has a super fast shutter!). Maya will be so disappointed tomorrow that Carter isn't coming over to play ~ I might have to kidnap him again soon!

Here are some pictures of our days:

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oneplusoneisthree said...

I would like to think that I taught Maya to build Lego towers like that.