Saturday, February 20, 2010

Spring Is Just Around The Corner...

...and I can't wait! Today I think we had a little glimpse ~ the sun was shining, the temperature was above freezing, I even saw a bluebird outside! It's been a gloomy week here, both kids being sick and all of us stuck inside. But, today neither one had a fever and both seem to be recovering from their coughs, so looks like we're on the upswing! Today we cleaned, disinfected, and opened the windows (if only for a minute!). It was so nice to get a little bit of fresh air! At the end of the day, everyone was feeling a bit happier and more refreshed, I think ~ at least I was!

As always, here are some pictures from our day :)

Maya "helping" Michael clean. And don't worry, that's not a cast on her arm ~ it's her "puppet show" (sock puppet...although I'm pretty sure the one she is wearing is just a plain sock :))

Maya and Charlotte using a laundry basket as a hiding place. Maya thinks it is hiLARious when she hides and we can't find her (which as you can imagine is quite a challenge, what with the holes on the side of the basket and all :)).

Everyone was in such a good mood at the end of the day that we staged an impromptu photo shoot on our family bed ~ so fun :) I think we'll have to do this more often!


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Mary said...

I LOVE it! Especially the last family pic...precious!! Thanks for helping me stay connected :-) I MISS YOU!!!