Thursday, March 4, 2010


One of Maya's very favorite things to do is to measure out ingredients. When Michael and I are both busy cooking or working on something, we can give her a bowl of uncooked rice and a measuring cup, and she will happily spend her time measuring it into all her pots and pans, then "cooking" and serving it to us.

We've had a rough few weeks, with both girls being sick. After they were both healthy, cabin fever set in. We are so so so (SO) ready for spring around here. So to break up some of the monotony, I've been baking. I made some cookies for a friend who just had TWO babies (go Tif! You're a rockstar! Hopefully pics to come soon...). I made buns for sandwiches. And I made muffins.

Maya helped with all of it, and I have to say, the girl can measure with the best of them! She's getting the hang of actually getting most of the ingredients *in* the bowl, which as you know with baking is half the battle :)

She also was excellent at stirring

and scooping.

I do believe I have a little chef in my future :)

Of course Charlotte had to get in on the action, too ;)

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