Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The One With Mary Poppins

Maya's very favorite new movie (of the minute) is Mary Poppins.  I think we have watched it all of 4 times, but she talks about it constantly.  She pretends to be Mary Poppins (and makes us refer to her as such).  Today I asked her what Mary Poppins says.  Her answer?  "Michael, don't be a goldfish!"  Almost, Peanut, almost :)  She has also been opening and closing her play kitchen doors rapidly, and told me the other day to stop being cheeky :P

The first time we watched it was during a new tradition we call "pajama party".  Basically we do what we would do any other night, but we all wear pajamas.  Bedtime has become SOOOOO much easier because now, instead of telling Maya that she has to go to bed, we say that it's time for a super duper awesome fun pajama party!!!  And then we proceed to do bedtime as usual ;)  We also use "pajama party" to clean up the basement ~ we all go down in pajamas, but we have to clean up everything before we can choose a new toy to play with.  This particular night, we had a real pajama party, which made it extra super fun.  We went to the library early in the day and checked out the movie, and then after dinner went to the store specifically to buy snacks and let Maya choose her own snack (she got chocolate goldfish).  When we got home, we got in our pajamas and snuggled on the couch to watch the movie :)  So much fun!  Of course, since it is a musical, we had to dance, too!  As you can imagine that was Michael's favorite part (lol :)).

The first 5 pictures are from our very first "Super Super Pajama Party", and then rest are from our Mary Poppins night.  I'm thinking the movie night is gonna be a weekly or bi-weekly tradition :)  Maya LOVED it, and Michael and I will take any excuse to cuddle on the couch with quiet kiddos and eat snacks!

If only I could make her smile and laugh like this every moment  <3

Michael dancing like a penguin.


picturingtheordinary said...

I love these pictures--looks like you guys have some pretty amazing penguin moves! :)

Sarah said...

Ya, we're kindof professionals :P