Saturday, July 2, 2011

Happy Birthday Charlotte!

Dear Charlotte Mae (or as you call yourself, "Baby Charlotte Mae Haren Mae"),

Wow!  Today you are two whole years old, and I can't believe it.  This year you have gone from a wobbly infant into a full-blown, walking (or running!), talking, spunky, opinionated little person.  You have taught me so much about being a mom, most importantly that each child is a unique creation whose personality was formed by God.  I feel honored to be entrusted with your care and upbringing, and Daddy and I feel blessed every day that you were given to our family.  Pretty soon you won't be the baby anymore, and while that makes me sad at times, mostly I feel excited for you because I know you will be a great big sister.  I love that you have an independent spirit, and I know that will serve you well as you get bigger.  My favorite thing about you is your excitement when you accomplish a task you have set out for yourself, the way your eyes light up when you say, "I did it!".  Just this week you have learned how to:

~climb up on the counter so you could wash your hands and feet in the kitchen sink (imagine my surprise walking in to the kitchen to see that!)

~take the sucker wrapper off all by yourself

~carry your plate to the table

~clean crayon off the wall, floor, bookshelf...

~"read" Cool Dog, School Dog 

~write your name (ok, ok, it was just scribbles...but it was the first time you told me that you had written your name! :))

~say "Maya" instead of "Waya"

~assemble your very own taco

You will always be my Little Squish, no matter how big you get.  I love you!


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picturingtheordinary said...

I finally had a chance to finish the video and of course, I loved it and I especially loved your letter to Charlotte. You're such a good mom and it's been so much fun watching Charlotte change over the last year--especially the last six months. I feel like she's really become her own little person and she always makes me laugh!

We love you Charlotte! Happy Birthday! Love, Sierra, Walter, Isabella and Isaac