Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Big Red Park, (s)Milo

There has been a lot going on around here, and not much time to write!  Crazy, huh? :)  Our days are filled with playgroup, preschool, library time, La Leche League, family visits, spending as much time as possible outside, hanging out with friends, and sleep!  Milo is growing by leaps and bounds (I swear he gained a pound between Friday and Sunday with a major growth spurt!) and is cuter by the day.  The girls are totally in love with him!  

When we went from 1 kid to 2, the adjustment was epically difficult.  I was an emotional wreck, Maya could barely make it 10 minutes without having a meltdown, and Michael kindof didn't know what crisis to deal with first when he would walk into the room to all 3 of us crying!  It took us a while to get into a good groove.  Now that the girls are older, I LOVE the age difference (21 months) ~ they play together beautifully, protect each other, fight an average amount, and are generally BFFs ~ but in the beginning, holy moly was it a challenge.  The adjustment from 2 to 3 kids has been a breeze in comparison!  Of course the girls have had a bit of trouble at times, but for the most part they continue to play together and are loving that they have a new person to play with!  It also certainly helps that Milo is typically very chill and he is still sleeping quite a bit! :)  I've already told Michael that I am definitely interested in having a 4th (just not yet ;)).

Of course, pictures.  Chris and Penny came up to visit this past weekend (and Penny is coming back Thursday ~ yay!).  We went to the "big red park" and Charlotte insisted that she must wear her red dress to match :)

Somewhat unrelated, but for some reason I have a really difficult time editing pictures that contain a lot of red.  I'm considering slipcovers for my couch for this reason!  I'll have to ask Sierra Hampl about this one... 


Milo in the Beco...I'm planning on doing a post very soon on babywearing ;)

Milo's newest trick (only trick?) is his attempt to smile.  I swear he smiled at me 2 days ago but so far, despite singing and dancing and being generally silly, we haven't been able to get a repeat.  Here are some almost-smiles, though :)

Neck strength FTW!

And finally, sometimes when I'm snapping picture after picture, I catch some pretty amazing faces.  The following two are the RAW, unedited versions of my favorite "oops" pictures from last night's photo shoot :)  Normally these would go straight to the recycle bin, but I thought I'd share their awesomeness!

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picturingtheordinary said...

I love the picture of you and Milo and the one of Maya swinging! I don't really have any advice about red...that's a super bright red at the park though and is bound to reflect back on the skin. Your couches shouldn't be as much of a problem though.