Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Princess Projects and Preschool

The weeks with our new little man ("Bug") are flying by!  He is 3 weeks old today, and is more fun with each passing day.  The girls are still totally in love with him and I'm a little bit embarrassed to admit that I've calmed tantrums by offering to let them hold Milo :P

Although things have been very Milo-focused since his arrival, we've also had other fun happenings!  Michael and I celebrated 8 years of marriage yesterday (holy moly, has it really been that long???) and my mom watched the girls for us on Sunday so that we could celebrate (with Milo in tow, of course :)). Also, Maya started her second year of preschool yesterday.  She is looking SO grown up!  I can't believe she's in "Pre-K" this year!  We signed her up for "lunch bunch" and she is loving that she gets to eat lunch at school with her friends.  Charlotte was feeling pretty left out of the whole preschool-and-lunch thing, so the plan is to "pack" her a lunch, too, that she can eat when we get back from dropping off Maya.

Finally, a fun story for you :)  I was in the kitchen today and the girlies were playing in the dinette.  I looked over the counter and Charlotte was laying on the floor, covered in a blanket.  Turns out Charlotte was getting ready to deliver a baby, and Maya (who was, as usual, in a princess gown) was the "sparkly midwife".  Maya listened to Charlotte's belly with a stethoscope, and Charlotte said that the baby was coming in "one minute".  Then Charlotte lifted up her dress, and Maya exclaimed, "oh!  The baby's coming!" She pushed on Charlotte's stomach and offered encouragement: "Push, Charlotte!  Give me a little push!"  When the baby was born, Maya held her up and handed her to Charlotte, who then nursed the baby.  The game continued as Maya would run into the playroom, find another baby for Charlotte to deliver, and the scene would replay.  All told, Charlotte delivered 7 girls (3 breech).  Mom and babies are healthy, lol :)



My sister (Katie) passed on a bag of clothes and shoes to me.  Since I wear 2.5 sizes bigger than her, the shoes were a bit, um, snug.  So, I asked her if it would be ok to turn them into dress-up shoes for the girlies.  A super fun project ensued!



My sister Mary visited this weekend while my mom was in town.  Mom ~ this is the closest we got to a shot of all the grandkids together! :)

Charlotte was "hiding" back there, lol :)

First Day of Preschool pictures.  As you can see, Maya wasn't excited at all :P

(Here is last year's first day of preschool picture for comparison :))

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picturingtheordinary said...

Oh my goodness! I can't believe how much Maya has changed from last year to this year! Amazing! The birth story is hilarious!!! I'm glad the mom and ALL of her many babies are healthy ;)