Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Maya's Party

Maya's birthday party was so fun!  We had princes, princesses, photo frame decorating, a pinata (that was very, very hard to bust!), a marshmallow catapult, CAKE, and cupcake decorating.  I'm pretty sure my friends were super thrilled with the amount of sugar I filled their kids with, though Sierra did joke about the fact that I put "healthy" candy in the pinata :)  We had our friends from Bible Study and their kids, who just happen to be friends with our kids!  We had a great time, the kids were worn out by the end, and we had enough leftovers that I didn't have to cook for 2 days (yay!).

She turns 4 in 54 minutes, though we told her that she turned 4 when she blew out her candles so that has caused some confusion...today she told me that she is "almost 5" lol :)  She gets to be the "snack leader" at preschool tomorrow and wanted to take either cupcakes or suckers or twizzlers.  We compromised (haha) and she's taking homemade, lowish sugar pumpkin cookies.

It's late and I'm getting cross-eyed staring at my computer screen, so here are some pictures :)




Photo frame decorating:

Eric kept making weird faces...I think he was hopped up on post-wisdom-tooth-removal vicodin! :)

The very, very, very hard to break pinata:

Grown-ups getting involved:


Then the kids got aggressive:

Michael broke it open and then had Maya hit it one more time :)

The kids took their spoils and left about half the stuff on the floor!  At what age do you have to stop encouraging them to take *more* candy???




Isabella sampled a bit of the frosting...pretty sure she approved ;)

Happy almost-4th-Birthday, Maya!

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picturingtheordinary said...

Oh my goodness, so many of those pictures made me laugh! I love how all of the princesses met Eden at the door! It was a great party!!!