Monday, August 13, 2012

Catching Up

***Pictures may or may not be related to stories :)  Just playing some catch-up!***

Charlotte was running around with a dress-up wand the other day, and started using it as a sword.  As you can imagine, I quickly put the kabosh on that ("but mommy, I'm just fighting the bad guys!").  A few minutes later, Maya (the mermaid) was "swimming" in the living room and Charlotte said, "oh no, friend, there's a shark!" Maya quickly began to "swim" to land.  Charlotte looked at her wand, looked at me, then looked back at Maya and yelled, "I don't have anything to fight him with!"

Mare and Jason left yesterday for their year in east Asia.

I miss them already!

I picked Isabella up from camp 2 weeks ago and, because I'm a poor planner, the kids and I hadn't eaten lunch yet.  I told Isabella that we were going to eat lunch when we got home and that she was welcome to have a cheese tortilla with us if she wanted (she eats at camp).  She started jumping up and down and said, "I LOVE cheese tortillas!  They're my favorite food!" and then, more calmly, "um, Miss Sarah, I *think* I know what a tortilla is"

Overheard from the girls in the back seat:
Maya: My underwear is sticking to my bottom!
Isabella: That thing is called a wedgie
*Sierra, she tells me that she learned this from her daddy ;)* 

I imagine this to be Oscar's face at the retelling of that story :)

Isaac continues to be one of my favorite people in the world.  He is now walking (!!!!!) and he showed me some love by walking TO ME the other day!  It was quite an honor.

They see me rollin, they hatin

Charlotte told me that she "just wishes (she) could eat some twisty rolls" (tootsie rolls ;))

We'e been working on Bible memory verses with the girls, and Maya is a rock star at memorizing them.  For real.  But I have to admit that I think it's adorable when she confidently mispronounces the book of the Bible.  Our latest verse was from 1 Thessalonians (or Fep Feppalonians ;))

I am loving "school" so far with Maya!  She isn't always super enthused about actually doing her work, but she is almost always eager to start, and I am amazed by how much she is soaking up!  A couple of days ago I was teaching her how to count by 5s, and she was getting really frustrated, complaining that it was too hard, she did NOT want to listen to my "5s song" again, etc. etc.  We didn't talk about it anymore.  Two days later she got up in the morning, went to my desk upstairs, and wrote out her 5s to 100 all on her own!  I was still sleeping on and off (she was in our room) but she had to wake me up when she was all done because she was so excited!  

She has also started writing stories and just leaving them in random places like it's no big deal.  I discovered this one in a pile of pictures she and Charlotte had drawn at Grandma's house:

10 points if you can read it ;)

Milo now has 6 words:
Ball = Ball
This (whispered) = anything that is not a ball (as in, "Milo, what's this???" "This")
Daaaaaadaaaaaa = distress signal, usually calling for Michael or me
Baaaa = the sound of a sheep.  Or a cow.  Or a dog.
Wraaaa = the sound of a dinosaur.  Or a bear.  Or a cape buffalo (in my mom's living room)
Brrrrraaaa = a bug or an airplane (possibly also a car/truck, but I haven't seen it yet)

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picturingtheordinary said...

Oh my goodness, this post made me laugh so much! Go Maya! I love your story about fire, though it is a bit disconcerting, but creative, right? Just don't let her play with matches. ;)