Friday, August 10, 2012

My First 29th Birthday

Yesterday I turned 29 (for the first time ;)).  No, but really, I'm looking forward to my 30s.  Many of our friends have already celebrated the big 3-0, and Michael will join the ranks in November.  I'm going to enjoy this last year of my 20s as much as possible, though!

My birthday was a little less exciting than it could have been, but I attempted to focus on how fortunate we are.  Michael was out of town, but I am thankful that he has a good job, and that he views my work as important enough that my lack of a paycheck does not phase him (ya, ya, paid in hugs and kisses and sticky handprints and all that :-P).  As I was driving the 3 kids to the pediatrician (2/3 have ear infections), I tried to remind myself that we are so blessed that they only have ear infections when so many children are so much more sick.  When Milo spit out his amoxicillin so violently and angrily that he got it in both of our eyes, I reminded myself that Sierra, on her 27th birthday, blogged about giving Isaac a suppository and was thankful that I only have to administer medication by mouth.  When Charlotte wouldn't stay in bed after I finally (finally!) got the kids down for the night, I tried to be thankful that she potty trained herself and was just practicing her newfound skill.  And when all was said and done and I was checking facebook one last time before bed, I was overwhelmed by all the birthday wishes people left on my "timeline" :)

For my birthday, Michael "got" me a piano (as in, a friend of ours told us about a free piano he knew about, and Michael organized the transport with the help of our awesome friends! :D).  I'm loving it.  We always had a piano growing up and I'm so excited that the kids will get to experience that, too!

Trying it out

Milo is a fan!

Maya singing and playing ~ the next Alicia Keys?

This is one of my very favorite pictures of Isaac ever.  Maya looked at it and said, "Isaac is a really good piano player" :)

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picturingtheordinary said...

That picture of Isaac is so funny! And I love the one of all four kids at the piano. I'm so glad that you finally got your piano, and that it was perfectly timed for your birthday! Sometimes it's so hard to remember/be thankful for the little things and small accomplishments. Thank you for the reminder and I hope everyone is feeling better soon!