Sunday, September 30, 2012

Park with the Kids

Milo has been staying up extra late lately, and isn't happy to just sit in my lap and nurse while I blog (the nerve! :)).  Life keeps chugging along.  I ran in the Akron Marathon Relay this weekend with a truly amazing group of ladies, and I am pumped for my next race (next weekend!) and the one after that (Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving Day!).  There is a 1 mile fun run at the Turkey Trot so we asked Maya if she wanted to try it.  I took her out today for her first trial run and she did awesome!  I had no idea that she could run.  About an hour later Michael and I were talking, and I decided that Maya will probably run (and win) the Boston Marathon one day.  Totally realistic and not at all a Tiger-Mom thing to say, right?

A few days ago the kiddos and I went to Sierra's house in the afternoon to play.  Maya started crying that she wanted to stay when I told her that we had to leave.  Isabella shared with Maya that she shouldn't want to stay because her (Isabella's) mom's rules are "bad".  Isabella would prefer to come home with us.  I laughed and told her that if she thought her mom's rules were bad that she definitely would not want to come home with me :)  The grass is always greener, right?

I'm not sure where the summer has gone :(  But (and in about 2 weeks I'm sure I'll regret saying this) I'm actually pretty excited about fall.  We went apple picking today, we'll get pumpkins in a week or two, I have halloween costumes on the brain, Thanksgiving is on the horizon and Christmas is just after that.  We've even started Christmas shopping!  Maya's birthday is on Friday and Michael's is about 6 weeks after that.  This season, if not warm and sunny, is at least festive around here!


crawl softly and carry a big stick

My kids are clearly a smiley bunch :P


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picturingtheordinary said...

Very cute! You're already shopping for Christmas?! Congratulations on running the race! And since I'm assuming you'll finish the next two, this a pre-congratulations for those as well. :)