Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Road Trip!

Michael and I are members of the Great Lakes Science Center, and love taking the kiddos there every couple of months. It has fun, hands-on exhibits, a cafeteria where we can eat our (packed) lunch and a great play room for them to burn off their final bit of energy before we head home. It also has an imax theater and this year we splurged and upgraded our membership to include imax tickets (ok, not really a "splurge" so much as a renewal perk ~ they roped us in by offering a discount if we renewed by a certain date and we took the bait ;)). We've seen some REALLY cute imax movies, and if you get the opportunity I'd suggest "Born to be Wild".  My mom went with us to see that one, and both of us are wondering how you get the job of "orphaned wild animal sanctuary director" :)

One of the bonuses that comes along with membership is getting *free* admission to tons of other science centers.  We've taken advantage of the COSI reciprocity, and this past weekend decided to take an impromptu road trip to Pittsburgh where we went to both the Pittsburgh Children's Museum and the Carnegie Science Center for FREE! Both places are awesome and I highly recommend anyone with kids check them out! 

Side note/pro tip: you have to join the science center that is closest to your home...if you try to just get whatever membership is cheapest, you don't get the same reciprocity.  They check IDs.

We also took advantage of a nice day a few weeks back and went to the zoo.  We unwittingly exposed all of our friends to "the throw ups" as Milo got sick pretty much immediately when we got home...oops!


I thought he was just tired...

The best of the bunch...kudos to anyone who can get a good group shot of toddlers and preschoolers!


"Moms Together" playdate at a local fun!


At the Children's Museum, rolling out some clay.

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