Monday, February 11, 2013

Science Center

Some friends and I took a gaggle of kiddos to the Great Lakes Science Center last week.  Except for the employees, we were almost the only people in the building!  It was nice to let the kids run a bit freer than normal :)

This morning we had a mini-Valentine's Day party for our playgroup.  It was probably the most low-key, relaxed "party" ever :)  I threw some craft supplies on the table and cut up some strawberries, boom, done.  Maya didn't care that I put in such little effort ~ in fact she even got up early to "organize" the supplies!  The kids had fun and mostly just ran around the house like they do every week at playgroup, so I'd call it a success :)

I spent the rest of the morning/afternoon cleaning up after the party, feeding the kids, taking Maya to Story Time, helping Charlotte address her valentines for preschool, and doing schoolwork with Maya.  This morning Milo accidentally discovered that we get PBS Kids, and I am utilizing that right now to get a bit of quiet before the dinner/dance party/bedtime rush begins :)


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