Saturday, April 20, 2013

The One Where I Refuse to Acknowledge that it Snowed Today

The title says it all :)

I still think it's spring and beautiful and sunny and warm.  We spent most of the week in short sleeves, though this weekend has proven that it was a good idea to keep out the coats and hats and snow boots just a wee bit longer :)  Maya was disappointed that we couldn't plant anything in our garden yet...soon, baby girl.  Soon.


Michael trimmed the bottom of 2 pine trees in our front yard, and the girls are so excited to have "tree houses" :)  They carried their picnic table from the back deck and put it under one of them so they could color outside.

Milo loves being part of the crowd now.

He will now smile on command if I ask to see his teeth :)

That's a black eye, not eye shadow.  Same eye as last time, poor thing.

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