Monday, April 15, 2013

Dirty Kids, Awesome Friends

Now that spring is officially here (yay!!!) we are ending the days tired out and dirty.  I had to clean out underneath the kiddos's fingernails yesterday :D  Right now we are extra busy as we finish out the school year and attempt to finish collecting everything we need to submit our dossier to our adoption agency (read more about our adoption at my other blog, HERE).

Last weekend the weather was awesome so we had an impromptu cookout with some of our very best friends.  Michael took the opportunity to demonstrate some neat science experiments (mentos + diet soda = giggles all around :)).  After the lesson we roasted some marshmallows and hung out.  I am so looking forward to many more nights like that this summer and for many summers to come.  We have been very blessed with a pretty amazing group of friends to share our life with.


Milo and Uncle Chris entering a coloring contest.

kiddos gathered around Michael, waiting for the magic to happen

As much as I *love* Milo's snowsuit, I am hoping we won't need it anymore this year!

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picturingtheordinary said...

I hope he won't need the snow suit either, but man, it always makes me laugh! :)