Thursday, February 6, 2014


Milo was a somewhat late-talker.  He was only slightly behind average, I'm sure, but following (arguably) the two most talkative creatures ever to have walked this beautiful planet, he had me a bit concerned.  Just when we were ready to do a speech evaluation, he added a few words.  Then a few more.  Then sentences of 3 words all put together.  Then suddenly his vocabulary exploded and now he can keep up with his sisters in the "who can sing the loudest and longest in the car" competition :)

My favorite part about this sudden language explosion is the adorable way he mixes up his grammar.  The girls did the same thing, and I did a poor job documenting it, sadly.  Mostly for me, here is a (short) list of things I want to remember, because pretty soon this phase will be gone.

Improper pronoun usage is probably my favorite part of his grammatical hilariousness.
Example ~ "Can I put mine hand on yours arm?" or "I want mine going car!" (his car that goes by itself after you pull it back; took me quite a while to figure that one out this morning!)

The gym we go to has a scale right by the front door.  I have *never* weighed myself on it, but the kids love to see "how big" they are.  Milo got on the scale today, looked down, then looked up proudly and said, "I did hunjy (hundred) eight numbers!"

Monday, as we were leaving the gym, Milo (thought he) pushed the door open:
Milo: I really good to opening doors.
Me: You are really good at opening doors!  You're so strong!
Milo: Yes I mam!

He can say his "f" and "s" sounds, but not in words, and especially not at the beginning of words.  F becomes B and S becomes hard C.  Fruit Snacks = Boot Cacks

Not so much language, but I was working with him to try some shape identification.  From top to bottom, this is a shape, an "O", and an elephant (I have no idea).

And because it wouldn't be fair for this to *all* be about Milo...

I recently taught Maya how to use the library computer to look up books.  I'm not sure she actually understands it, but we were there yesterday and I peeked through the racks to see this :)

About a week ago Charlotte pulled out a puzzle that my sister had gotten her for Christmas.  She asked for help and I kept telling her I'd come in a few minutes (distracted as always by trying to do all.the.things).  After she got really insistent I put down what I was doing to go help her, only to discover that she had done the whole thing by herself and just wanted to show me.  I felt bad that I hadn't gone in sooner to see her work!

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Barbara Hampl said...

Sarah, It is great to see how the kids are growing. Milo probably couldn't get a word in and didn't need to with two talking sisters! He waited!

Take good care,