Monday, February 24, 2014

Happy New Year!

I love our group of friends, and I love that our kids get along so well :)  We had a low-key New Year's Eve get-together with a couple of them, and our kids played relatively quietly in the basement for *literally* hours (we found out later why they had been so quiet...our 3 did some serious basement clean-up the next day!  Small price to pay :)).

We got to hang out with grown-ups, play games that are NSFK, catch up on life, drink insane nutella liqueur, eat delicious snacks, and generally just have an awesome time.  I did not take many pictures, but here is what I got ;)

the kids are all, clearly, thrilled to see the ball drop

Penny injured herself at least twice that night, one time requiring a band-aid on her poor little chin!  

2 months in I'd say this year has been excellent ~ To 2014!

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