Saturday, April 10, 2010

Resurrection Rolls

A few days before Easter, I was reading this blog and I thought her idea for "Resurrection Rolls" was so fun! So of course we had to try it out :) Maya's favorite thing these days is helping me cook. I can honestly end a tantrum by offering to let her help me measure something. She pushes her Learning Tower all around our kitchen constantly ~ that thing is the best craigslist find ever! Anyway, back to the rolls.

First, of course, you wash your hands.

Then you take your marshmallow (Jesus)

and roll it in butter (annoint with oils)

and cinnamon-sugar (incense).

Wrap the marshmallow (Jesus) in a crescent roll (shroud)

and put it in the oven (tomb).

When you are done baking, the marshmallow (Jesus) has disappeared! It was so cute to see Maya try to figure out where it went!

But she soon forgot about the missing marshmallow and enjoyed her delicious cinnamon roll!

I think this was a really fun (and delicious!) way to teach young children about the resurrection, and I have a feeling it will be a yearly tradition!

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Jennifer Norch said...

I love this! I'm gonna send the idea on to my kids' preschool...they'll love it, and what a sweet treat!