Friday, April 30, 2010

LLL Conference

I went to the La Leche League conference this past weekend, and had a great time! It's so nice to be surrounded by people who love babies and children as much as we do, and who value mothering and responding to a baby's needs. My favorite favorite favorite thing that I heard all weekend was, "Society has changed, but the needs of a baby have not." I was reminded again and again that this work I do is so important and that my girlies will only be little once. All of the leaders who have moved beyond the baby stage are so encouraging! Here are some pictures of our weekend!

My friend Adrianne was just recently accredited as Ohio's newest LLL leader ~ go Adrianne!

My friend Sierra and "Baby Isaac" (yes, THE baby Isaac! The one that Maya names her dolls after!). She is also one of my coleaders in LLL.

Baby Isaac preparing for his big fight...

I love how his little mittens make him look like a boxer :)

My LLL posse

Maya getting ready to swim in the hotel pool

Getting ready for the pajama party...avoiding BO is apparently a very important part of this regimen!

Charlotte played happily for quite a while at the pajama party!

Michael and Isabella being silly

Maya playing with one of her prizes from the evening (which she keeps trying to give to Charlotte as a "hat")

And finally, family pictures from the weekend :)

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