Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Challenges of Photographing Littles

They won't look at the camera. They won't smile. They WON'T SIT STILL.

For my last post (about our trip to the park), I had over 600 (that's six-HUNDRED) pictures. I'm not exaggerating. It seems extreme, but I get about a 1%-2% return on investment when it comes to picture taking (as in, 1-2 of 100 pictures will be clear and with at least one child looking at the camera and/or smiling).

The girlies got new jammies for Easter and I wanted to get some cute pictures to share.

Believe me when I say these are the best of the best

You don't even want to see the rest of them!

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Jennifer Norch said...

So True!! But cute pics (and post) nonetheless!!