Monday, July 19, 2010

The One With Lots Of Birthday Pictures!

Charlotte's first birthday party was a few weeks ago, and we were so happy to be able to share her special day with friends and family.  The weather was great, and although Michael and I aren't super thrilled with the giant pine trees overtaking our back yard and roof, they did provide nice shade for the sunny day!

Before Maya was born, I had no idea how emotional birthdays would be for me.  I cry just thinking about how big my girlies are getting, and how blessed I am to be their mama.  This year I also had a bit of a breakdown because I had overlooked making a special "smash cake" for Charlotte.  I was convinced that she wouldn't feel special or loved.  But it turned out that Charlotte wasn't all that interested in the cake anyway!  She licked the icing a bit, smooshed the cake around her tray, and then went straight for three slices of watermelon!

Ok, without any further ado, here are many many pictures of Charlotte's big day!  If you want to see them all (700 pictures ~ eek!), click here!

We had a "cupcake bar" which was a big hit with Maya and Isabella.  Also, it has become quite apparent that the two  are sisters at heart ~ while at the cupcake bar, Isabella turned to my mom and said, "Grandma, can I have some more sprinkles?"  

Charlotte, on the other hand, wasn't so sure about the cupcake...

The watermelon was just too tempting!  She shared some with Daddy :)

But ate most of it herself!

The end result was, well, messy (as usual!)

The water table served two purposes ~ fun for the kids, and cleanup station for Charlotte after the cupcake/watermelon incident!  Even after it fell over, the kids still had fun!

Uncle Chris thought he'd try out a new 'do for Charlotte!

Aunt Laura's super awesome sing-along was quite exciting!

We are really thankful to our friends and family who made the day extra special for our sweet sweet girl!

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