Thursday, July 22, 2010

The One With The Wedding Pictures

A few weeks ago Michael's dad got married! We went down a day early to help set up and do the rehearsal dinner thing, and Maya was a flower girl in the wedding :D Charlotte was supposed to be a flower girl, too, but between a too-short-nap and a t00-hot-for-her-day, she wasn't feeling it. She was happy to hang out in the sling, though :)

The day was really nice and everything went off without a hitch!

All of the pictures that I took over the weekend can be seen here.

Here is a sampling!

Prepping the reception area:

Oh no! Where did Maya go???

Oh, there she is :)

Maya and Charlotte gettin into stuff!

All ready to go

Laura did a fantastic job playing the guitar and singing (seriously ~ if you're looking for a guitarist, she's your gal!)

My nephew Unai was the ring bearer

Michael prepping Maya for her big job!

The happy couple:

Hanging out after the wedding

First dance:

Father-Daughter and Mother-Son dance:

Patrick and his girlfriend Sydney (aren't they adorable??? :))

Unai wanted to get in on the dancing, too!

Maya waited not-so-patiently until Michael relented and gave her a piece of cake...

...but then he refused her a *second* piece

Long day for Charlotte!

Congrats to Larry and Stephanie!

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