Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The One Where I Catch Up

Life has been busy the last couple weeks. Between family visits, birthdays, sick kids, strange rashes (on Charlotte), and a business trip, I've neglected my poor blog. And now, since I have a few free minutes in our hotel while Maya watches Garfield (gross, I know, but it's the ONLY cartoon on and we don't have a DVD player in the was this or Dr. Phil), you get a bunch of pictures of our baby-pooling, cookie-baking, tricycle-riding, picnic-going, playground-playing, corn-holeing, swing-fighting days! :)

We'll start off with this one:

Charlotte got into a fight with the swingset at playgroup. She's quite the trooper, though! Definitely cried when it happened ~ as the days go on, though, the injury keeps looking worse and worse and she's not bothered by it.

Random picture of Isabella running:

Baby pool time. Maya has figured out that she is strong enough to use the nozzle on the hose now, and was pretty excited to fill the pool!

Clearly Charlotte liked it, too!


We stayed outside until it was too dark and chilly for the girlies to play anymore.

At the hotel in Battle Creek:

A couple days ago, Maya and I made some chocolate chip oatmeal cookies:

"No more smiles, Mommy!"

Charlotte looked on longingly ~ one day she'll be able to help, too!

At least she got to try the finished product!

Here are some pictures from the VBC picnic at Barlow Farm Park.

Charlotte doing yoga again:

Maya on the playground:


Maya and one of the many other Mayas :)

Daddy and Maya:

Charlotte playing cornhole. As you can tell, she has perfected her technique.

On Friday, I made up snack trays for the girlies. I've read about this idea several times but this was the first time I put it into practice. Each girl had a tray, and I explained that this was their snack for the day, and if they were hungry they could go to the fridge and get their tray out (I'd obviously have to help Charlotte ~ she's too short to reach the handle! :)). Maya was so excited that she ate half of her tray right after breakfast!

Finally, some random pictures from fun times in the driveway. Charlotte is just like Maya, in that it is much more fun to push the car than it is to ride on it! :)

Although she has mastered the tricycle much faster than Maya did (well, mastered sitting on it at least! She can't quite reach the pedals!)

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