Monday, August 9, 2010

The One With The Mayas

When we picked out names for our girls, we intentionally chose names that weren't extremely popular (though our boy name for Maya happened to be the #1 most popular name that year, so we didn't stick to the rule at all costs apparently! :)). So, imagine my surprise when Maya went to Vacation Bible Camp this weekend and in her class of 10 or 12 kids, there were TWO other Maya's! And there was a third other Maya in the 4 year old class! According to the SSA list of baby names, Maya is somewhere around the 60th most popular girl name. If you look exclusively at the population of 2-3 year old children at Crossroads Community Chapel VBC in 2010, however, it's #1! :)

This weekend, Penny (Michael's mom) came up to visit and to watch the girls so Michael and I could go out for my birthday (thanks, Penny!!!). He surprised me with a fun geocache scavenger hunt and we had a great time. Then we all went out for dinner together, and after dinner went to the park to play "soccer" (which basically means the girls ran around a lot on the soccer field and occasionally chased the soccer balls we kicked :)).

Here are some pictures of our weekend! :)

A friend of ours has a plot at the community garden in Ravenna. She is out of town so Michael and the girlies and I went to water it for her. Check out this amazing sunflower she has growing!

Right next to the garden is a really nice playground, so of course we had to hang out there for a bit!

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picturingtheordinary said...

Love the park pictures and that sunflower is awesome! Happy Birthday--be glad you missed boot camp, even the skinny girl dressed in black looked like she was going to puke! Fun stuff!