Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Another Weekend Post

This post has been sitting on blogger for 3 days, just asking me to finish it already! So it's gonna be another "here are some pictures with not much text" post :) Which, if I'm not mistaken, is what most of my readers prefer anyway ;)

Next time you will get to read a sappy post about Maya starting PRESCHOOL (I know, right???) and how I can't believe she's so grown up and ohmygoodness I.cut.her.hair. (!!!) and she is basically a teenager now. But for tonight, some pictures of last weekend :)

Went to a cookout at Bryan and Tif's house on Saturday night. Holy moly check out the eyes on Gracie! Also, I'm pretty sure both (normal sized) twins, separately, weigh more than Charlotte! It would seem that I make small babies :P

On Sunday, we went to my dad's house to go swimming. Well, Michael and Maya swam (along with Grandma and Grandpa). Charlotte, Katie and I hung out poolside and stayed out of the icy water :D Maya also got her fingernails AND toenails painted, which is always super fun. As you can see, she chose to make a fashion statement with her multi-colored toes!

Maya spent a good 20 minutes jumping off the stairs into the water :) Grandma and Grandpa had several different fish floats, and she had to try them all out of course!

Charlotte and I were happy to be spectators to the whole scene :)

Isn't he cute? I'm a lucky lucky lady :D

By the end of the day, Maya was very very brave with the fish floatie...

...and Charlotte was asleep.

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