Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The One With Many Charlottes

Not much to blog today. I spent most of the day cleaning, and the girls actually played HAPPILY and TOGETHER. I feel like we're settling into this two kid thing and it is wonderful. Though you know tomorrow is another day, and just as it can be better, we all know it can be worse! But I'll take today for what it was and hope that I have many more like it :)

Due to all the cleaning, I don't have many pictures from today. But here are some of Charlotte being silly tonight :)

The weather has been ahhhmazing. It makes me think of fall and colorful leaves and apple cider and sweaters and walks (which have been seriously lacking this summer). As long as the rain stays away tomorrow we'll be heading to the park. Tonight's exercise was Standing Pilates (killer!) but tomorrow I think I'll count running around with my kiddos exercise enough! Tonight I'm just gonna enjoy the crickets chirping through the open windows, kick my feet up, and enjoy what is left of my day.


Michael Haren said...

LIES! You're doing dishes right now. Stop and rest!

Laura Haren said...

Ummm Charlotte's front teeth are absolutely the cutest thing i've ever seen!