Thursday, September 23, 2010

The One With The Budding Photographer

Almost every time I pull out my camera, Maya asks me if she can "help". I usually bribe her by saying that if she gives me a really pretty smile, I'll let her push the button the next time.

Yesterday, though, she really *really* wanted to take a picture of her doll. All by herself.

So, after lots and lots of instruction on being veryveryvery careful, I handed over the camera. I showed her how you look through the viewfinder and push the button when you see what you want to see.

Then I stepped back and let her snap a few. She loved it!

This definitely won't be a regular thing (I'm gonna have to get her her own that can withstand all a toddler can throw at it, literally!), but she actually did a pretty good job!

The photographer and her subject:

*all photos except the final one were taken by Maya*


picturingtheordinary said...

You mean you didn't want people to think you took those pictures! :)

Sarah said...

Hey, those pictures are *artsy*!