Sunday, September 12, 2010

The One With The Art

I had a whole long post about going to Kent's Art in the Park today, about how cool it was, how we saw a scary guy with a weasel (Michael says it was a ferret, but I dunno...), how there were lotsa hippies and a ton of cool booths. But then Blogger ate it :( So you get the abbreviated version!

Here is a picture journey of our day:

Belly Dancing:

Alpacas. They had the cutest knit hats made from Alpaca fiber (wool? Not sure if it's actually called wool). I didn't get one, but only because Charlotte already has a super cute wool hat from last year that still fits. If we have another baby (and this is an *if*, people...IF), he or she will totally be rocking an alpaca hat.

Country music. Looks like I'm raising her right! Maya couldn't stop shakin' her honky tonk badonkadonk :)

Art for Kids. Maya took what I can only assume was an industrial sized coffee filter and folded it, and then squeezed watercolor paints onto it.

The beautiful painting was hung up to dry...

After it dried...

She turned it into a hat! She wore it until dinner time :)

On the way home we saw a flag blowing in the breeze. It looked so beautiful that I had to take a picture :D

Thanks to Michael for helping me frame the shot to make the flag look brighter!

And finally, it's not an art festival without eclectic metalwork,

dreadlocked hippies wearing fairy wings,

and a flower-power bus :)


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picturingtheordinary said...

love the dancing and that hat is way too cool!