Monday, September 13, 2010

The One With The Goofiness

Maya started preschool last week, and I am so excited because she LOVES it. Like, really loves it. On her third day, she got dressed in the morning and then put on her backpack. She wore it all morning and asked me constantly if we could go to preschool yet (she goes in the afternoon, so it was a long morning!). She is in a play-based program, so the main things she is "learning" are how to stand in a line, how to clean up after herself, transitioning between activities, how to sit quietly, etc. She has also been singing her story-time and clean-up songs at home, which is adorable and a half!

On the first day, the teachers took pictures of all the kids to put on their folders that are in the hall to hold papers. All the kids look so sweet in their pictures. Some look a little timid, but most are smiling and cute. Except Maya, of course! In true Maya fashion, her picture looks like this:

That is the same face i get quite often, so I guess I really shouldn't be too surprised!

This is what she does when I ask her to make a silly face:

Mostly I just try to capture the moments and forget trying to get either one of them to look at the camera!

Here is Charlotte rocking Isaac's hat, and she will deny it if you try to imply that she stole it. Deny it and cry, most likely. That's her new thing.

Isaac giving what I call his "smokin" look :) This is what he will use to woo Charlotte one day (when they are much MUCH older, of course :))

Isaac chillaxing:

Charlotte practicing her boat-driving skills. Those will certainly come in handy some day. You know, since we own or plan-to-own a boat. Ever.

At dusk the other day we decided to take the kidlets to the park behind our house, and it seems that Charlotte has become even more brave with the slide! I think she would have walked right off the side if Michael hadn't caught her!

Maya likes the slide pretty well, too!

Finally, I have to share this awesomeness. Maya has been obsessed lately with what letter things start with and how things are spelled (even though she doesn't know all her letters yet!). The other day, she kept telling me she wanted to write "DADDY". We practiced the letters, and after a few attempts she wrote this:

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