Sunday, September 19, 2010

The One With The Cousins

This weekend my mom, sisters and I hit the big city (ok, Cleveland) for the Women of Faith conference. We had a great time ~ we laughed (Anita Renfroe), cried (the Chapman family), sang, listened, learned, and loved. We have decided that we will have a girls' weekend every year because it was just so good to get together with each other! The girls did FANTASTIC away from me ~ a small part of me hoped that Charlotte would have a really hard time and that there would be tears and clinging and running to me with joy when we reunited; because she is still my baby and I want her to need me just as much as she always has. But she showed me that she is strong and independent and, while it makes me a little sad, mostly I'm just so proud of my baby and glad for the strong attachment that we have formed, that she feels ok to be with daddy instead for a few days (not nights, though ~ gotta have mama at nighttime! :)).

I don't have any pictures of the conference itself, but we did get lots of the kiddos at the hotel when Michael was doing drop-off and pick-up for Charlotte. I'll post more tomorrow, but here is one of my favorites. My girlie is just so big and such a good cousin. We sat her down and asked her to hold Jacob (my nephew). She took her job seriously! She was not gonna let go, and when he laid his little (ok, big!) head on her cheek, she was just as happy as could be. She didn't even want to turn her head for the picture, lest she wiggle him too much! If only she was that careful and considerate of her sister... ;)

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