Monday, March 14, 2011

Of Babies, Boys, and Best Friends

At playgroup this morning, we celebrated the impending arrival of our group's newest member.  There is just something about a baby's upcoming birth that makes me get teary and giddy and overwhelmed and just SO excited for the new mom-, dad-, and big brother-to-be!  


Some of our group was out due to travel or sickness, and somehow I missed getting any pictures at all of the mama and big brother (oops!), not to mention any other adults, but I did get plenty of the other kiddos!  At one point, Maya and Isabella were trying to out-sing each other with their fun made up songs (Maya's "and then she woke uppppppp...and she felt betttttterrrrrrrr..." to Isabella's "We get to do anything we WANTTTTTTTTT" was a pretty funny sight to see :)).  Isabella is quite the character these days ~ I'm pretty sure she's going to be either an actress or a singer at some point ;)  


At another point, the moms looked over and saw the kiddos trying to jump off of the footstool in the (2-story) living room, attempting to retrieve a balloon that had floated into one of the skylights ~ eek!  Considering none of the adults would have come close to being able to reach it, I'm not sure the kids had much of a chance!

Finally, my favorite moment of the morning.  I didn't even realize this had happened until I was reviewing the pictures.  Maya and Isabella randomly were wearing matching tights, which obviously required a mini photo shoot.  

Kendall wanted in on the action, too, so Maya was holding hands with both Kendall and Isabella.

Simon came up to the group and jumped in right before I snapped the shutter.  I LOVE how this picture turned out!  Maya is with her girlfriends, while Simon is (apparently) trying to smooth-talk her, finger under her chin and all.  I don't know what he said, but the look on Maya's face is amazing.  Kendall is all "Maya, you don't have to go with him if you don't want" while Isabella looks like a cross between jealousy and "OMG OMG OMG his hand is on your FACE!!!", Simon is saying "look at me, Babe, you know you can't resist me" and Maya looks a bit like she's gonna throw up from nervousness.  Maybe prom is coming up and I didn't realize it :)  LOVE it.

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picturingtheordinary said...

That last picture is hilarious!