Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Princess Party, Growing like Weeds

A couple of nights ago, after a much-too-late-but-amazing family nap, the girlies were WIDE awake and it was well past bedtime.  Instead of sitting in a dark room and quietly reading books or watching a movie (what normal parents do when trying to calm down too-hyper kids), we decided to have a DANCE PARTY!  Woooo!  The girlies put on one of several pairs of matching jammies and we made our way to the basement.  Maya decided that it needed to be a princess dance party...she was the only one who dressed up, but when you're 3 I'm not sure it really matters all that much!  After cleaning the basement a bit (my real motivation behind the dance party ;)), we tried to get the girlies to dance...but they decided to play the "jump off the couch armrest" game instead.  The game is pretty self-explanatory, and the pictures show its awesomeness.  They played for probably at least 20 minutes, then moved onto some yoga.  After that, we talked about the baby in my belly, and Maya was pretty intrigued so we started asking her if she remembered Charlotte's birth (she didn't).  We came upstairs and the girlies cuddled with Michael and me on the couch and looked at pictures from Charlotte's birth <3.  Maya thought it was HILARIOUS that she kissed Charlotte's head and got vernix on her mouth (it's a long story to tell how we got around to talking about vernix...).  She also thought every single picture of her from that time period was Charlotte, no matter how much we explained that Charlotte wasn't even born yet in most of the pictures.  When we got to a picture of Sierra holding Charlotte right after the birth, Charlotte got excited because she thought is was Isaac (or "Ikiss" as she calls him).  After we were done looking at those pictures, I showed Maya some from when she was born.  Those ones always make me laugh because there was so.much.crying. from day 1!

I'm pretty excited that Maya might actually be a little bit more involved and remember this baby's birth!


The weather seems to be turning around on us, and it's been warm enough to be outside the last 2 days!  We've even had sun!  I pulled out one of our little riding cars and Maya's tricycle, and the girls had a blast ~ Charlotte didn't cry once (yay!) and today when I asked her if she wanted to go ride the tricycle she even said "yes" ~ woohoo!  Maya's knees are getting mighty close to the handlebars on her trike, and Charlotte's legs are *just* long enough that she can almost reach the peddles, so I think I'm going to have to go tricycle shopping at our local retail shop.  I'm pretty sure Maya is ready to move onto a "big girl" bike with training wheels (eek!).

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PaceFamilyGirl said...

cute cute cute. Love that you talk about your birth with the girls!