Monday, August 1, 2011

Katie is Married!!!!!

This past Saturday my baby sister (ok, "baby" by 1 year...but still!) got MARRIED!!!  Yay for Katie and Eric!  I was a bridesmaid and looked 14 billion months pregnant, the girlies were adorable flower girls, and Katie was SO BEAUTIFUL.  I mean, she was elegant!  The rehearsal was fun, the rehearsal dinner was fun, the wedding was fun, and the reception was amazing!  Good food, fun music, a superb speech given by Mary, dancing, cupcakes (the girlies' favorite part! :)), a photo booth (!!!), and much more that I am almost certainly forgetting :)  I am so glad that we got to be a part of their special day!

We didn't get as many pics as we did at Cait's wedding last month (and due to lighting restrictions, most were taken with a flash :P) ~ Michael had the camera most of the time as I did my bridesmaidly duties and he was also in charge of corralling the girlies.  BUT, my awesome friend/photographer Sierra Hampl was the wedding photographer and I know she will have a ton of amazing shots for them to remember their special day :)  

Here is a sampling of what we got...

My step-brother Pat did all the bridesmaids' make-up, and it looked amazing!  Thanks, Pat!

"There was a little girl, who had a little curl..."

Maya gettin her hair did


Is the longing not palpable? :)

Pretty sure Mare just told everyone that Katie never got to sit in the front of the bathtub :)

and then she made everyone cry :*)

Maya with my cousin Lauren.  I am pretty sure 90% of Maya's clothes from her first 3 years of life were hand-me-downs from Lauren!

I think she's telling Jim to "step off"!

After taking this picture, Michael sent me a message (to my phone) that said, "The feelings of love felt while watching you dance with worn out Charlotte are awesome" <3

Katie with the photographer and her assistant

Charlotte was doing her best to stay awake by eating ice :)
Congratulations to Katie and Eric!!!


Lacey said...

Beautiful! I always love your blogs :D

picturingtheordinary said...

trust me, you did not look 14 billion months pregnant! you looked so pretty and i love michael's comment while watching you and charlotte sweet!

Michael Haren said...

Wow, babe, you did a great job with these--they turned out great!

Congrats to Katie and Eric!

(oh, and texts are supposed to be private :))