Saturday, January 21, 2012

Quick Post

Life is flying by, as usual!  Right now I'm rocking a sad little boy who is battling his first illness.  Compared to probably any other illness we've dealt with, this one is mild.  But, my sweet boy is sad and needs to be nursed and rocked and held and bounced and "shhhh"ed (shushed?  that sounds so harsh, though...) and I just want him to feel better.  After being up a good part of the night coughing and wiggling, though, he fell asleep for about 45 minutes on Michael's chest this morning and woke up all smiles and giggles and was relatively happy for most of the day.  Now I'm gearing up for a repeat of last night, and as Mr. Particular is getting angry that I am trying to both hold him *and* blog (how dare I!), I will sign off for now.


Stuffed animals at "school"

The aftermath of about 7 minutes in the snow!  

Mommy!  Charlotte and I are hugging!  Take a picture!

I know this one is blurry, but I loved the moment :)  She and Charlotte were dancing around the office <3

And now, a string of Milo pictures, because he is adorable (and also because he pretty much stays in one place :))

Wow, somebody needs to cut his fingernails!

It's an amber teething necklace.

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