Sunday, February 24, 2013


After a very rough couple of weeks, Maya and I needed some serious mommy-daughter bonding time.  We snuck away this afternoon while Michael took a nap with Milo and Charlotte, and it was exactly what we needed.  Our "date" started with a trip to Once Upon a Child to find a shirt she needed, then to Kohl's to return a dress that Charlotte had gotten and find something to replace it, then to Starbuck's.  Maya chose Starbuck's because she just wanted to sit and talk to me :-)  She said that we didn't even need to get a drink or anything but I think she knows me well enough to know we'd be getting something to share!  We talked about school, which has been a fairly significant part of our struggles lately, and she said that schoolwork just isn't fun.  I have tried many times to explain to her that my job as a mommy is to do x, y and z, and her job as a kid is to pick up her toys, play, and do her schoolwork.  Today I asked what she would prefer to do instead, and she told me that she'd rather just practice ballet all day, or maybe jump on her bed for 2 hours (she said that after 2 hours she'd probably be too tired to keep jumping).  Fair enough; maybe in tomorrow's lesson plan I'll add in a bit of time for practicing ballet and bed-jumping ;)

Pictures from our date :)

Maya was trying to be *such* a big girl at Starbuck's, but after sitting and talking with me for 15 or 20 minutes she started getting a little wiggly.  I had been taking random pictures throughout, but I think she caught on that I was trying to capture her wiggliness and then started making silly faces.  Oh to be 5 years old :)



Maya and Isabella shared a private silly moment before "Family Night of Worship" at church

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